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Her Life and Bojagi

Seika was born with Korean heritage in Japan, and used to work at Hitachi's human resources strategy department. For her German husband's job, she first moved to California, United States, before finally moving to Switzerland in 2019. Now she works as a bojagi textile artist and instructor there, and is also the mother of a little girl. She is self taught and all of her works are handsewn. Now, while adapting to a western culture, she makes various lyrical patchwork bojagi and textile artworks. In 2023, Seika started studying online for a bachelor degree in art history and liberal arts at Kyoto University of the Arts.

Bojagi artworks & crafts
Inspired by beautiful European nature and the various personal emotions she experienced, such as the nostalgia for her culture, anxiety, hope and happiness, she created many unique jogakbo, patchwork bojagi works, such as one layered bojagi and two layered bojagi. She also created various traditional crafts.

Framed textile artworks
To challenge applying traditional bojagi to contemporary interior art, she created lyrical framed works that highlight the characteristics of the fabrics, her hand sewing, and her own sense of color.
I've had to wear glasses since childhood.
But I don't wear them when exploring which fabrics to use. When I can't see things clearly, strangely, the harmony of colors, the atmosphere, and the world which I want to express become clearer.
To make her artworks, she often stitches together small pieces of leftover fabric. Through this, her artworks reflect the idea of cherishing and being grateful even for the small things in life. All of her work is hand sewn.

Making bojagi brings a lot of happiness into my everyday life. I feel that each of my bojagi represents
a moment in my life and a piece of my heart.
She also enjoys capturing the beauty of bojagi in the context of nature through photography. You can see her bojagi artworks here, on instagram, and in her art book.

Her Events

She takes part in exhibitions, gives classes, and offers Korean fabrics during her events. Also check out her previous and upcoming events. You can contact her via email and sign up for her newsletter.

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